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CENER takes part in the project INNPACTO-FLOAT SOLUTIONS: “Sensing, design and simulation of dynamic cable, design and optimization of offshore structures, fatigue analysis, materials and monitoring”

This project is a continuation of HIPERWIND Project, in which the main objective is to develop and validate large floating wind turbines (>10MW). Float Solutions Project focuses on specific activities that complements the root project, such as the design and manufacture of mooring lines, and also for the dynamic cable for energy evacuation.

CENER activities are focused in extending the calculation and simulation capacities for aerolastic codes. This objective will be achieved by coupling aerolastic codes with hydrodynamic effects coming from floating platforms. The resulting simulation code will be able to calculate all the forces and coupling moments on the wind turbine and floating platform. Ultimately, CENER will define forces and moments that should be used in the design of dynamic cable. Similarly, CENER will develop its activity in scaled tests in hydrodynamic tank for floating platform and wind turbine prototype. CENER will develop a testing methodology and a simulation software to perform the desired tests.

The project involves several companies and technology centres, creating a consortium with complementary capabilities that promotes the development of the proposed technological challenges: Group General Cable Sistemas, S.A.; Acciona Windpower, S.A.; Acciona energy, S.A.; Vicinay chains, S.A.; Engineea Remote Technologies, S.L. and CENER itself.

The project has been funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Fundable budget amounts to 2.322.657,95 €.


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