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  • Project of the EU´s 7th Framework Programme with the collaboration of a consortium of industrial partners and research centres, all of whom are members of the EERA (The European Energy Research Alliance).
  • The project proposes, researches into and evaluates innovative concepts for the design of the most critical subsystems for multi-megawatt wind turbines (10-20MW); namely: rotor, electromechanical conversion and support structure. The main objective is to reduce the cost of the energy produced.
  • Research is carried out into the different concepts separately but also at wind turbine level within an integral approach with the other elements. The benefits of these new designs are quantified through action indicators. The project includes small and large-scale trials and will last for 5 years.
  • CENER´s main tasks within the project are to perform aerodynamic and structural studies as well as to research into new offshore wind turbine concepts:
    • Design of blades with compressible codes at high blade tip speeds.
    • Study of new concepts. Concept of windward wind turbine and development of tower shadow models.
    • Design 6of aerodynamic profiles for the blade root area.
    • Use of distributed pressure fields for the structural design of the blade with a view to optimizing traditional design methods.
    • Study of non-linear behavior and coupling effects in blade structure.
    • Development of codes for the dynamic analysis of mooring lines.
    • Design of floating platforms for large vertical axis wind turbines.
    • Execution of tests on full-scale wind turbine models in wave canal.


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