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The air-conditioning of the building, after reducing its energy demand to a minimum, is carried out via a coupled Solar Thermal Energy (TSE) and natural gas system. The contribution of TSE is greater than 50%.

The 250-square metre installation of high-efficiency thermal solar collectors on the building roofs satisfies most of the heating and sanitary hot water needs and, with the support of a 350 kW absorption machine, the cooling needs, when required, are also satisfied.

There is a radiant floor heating and cooling system, cold in summer and hot in winter. The radiant floor system achieves an optimal degree of heating, given that the heat is evenly distributed, converting the floor into an energy accumulator. This provides two advantages: great thermal inertias and self-regulation of the heating.

The system raises the temperature by transferring heat from the gallery (free natural intake), having the option of using the radiant floor when necessary. During the summer months the air from the false ceiling in the offices is returned, except when the bioclimatic gallery ventilated by the “cierzo” wind registers more favourable conditions than those on the inside.

On the other hand, 150-square metres of photovoltaic panels situated on the façade of the building, provide 15 kW peak and represent a solar protection for the south-facing façade.



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