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LUPDEFECT is a project funded by the Government of Navarra and coordinated by NORDEX Energy Spain, S.A. The project will last two years (2020-2022) and its objective is to investigate a new advanced methodology for the analysis, characterisation and effective treatment of lamination defects (Lay-UP DEFECT) in the manufacture of wind blades by infusion to guarantee their structural integrity and maximise their life.

The project is aligned with the objectives of the wind industry in the quest to reduce operating and energy (CoE) costs. Currently, repair work is costly and complex; of the total cost of wind turbine maintenance, approximately 21% corresponds to blade maintenance (repairs and replacements), with a forecast to reach 26% of the total cost by 2028.

The consortium seeks to eliminate 100% of premature blade failures that significantly reduce the useful life of the blades, thus improving product reliability and saving time and costs in repair and maintenance tasks.DECO PROJECT SUMMARY

From the technical point of view, CENER contributes to the following tasks:

  • Analysing the consequences of the defect and the admissible material.
  • Developing the FE model based on linear fracture mechanics (LEFM) for the particular study of each defect.
  • Develop the most appropriate modelling and post-processing methodology.
  • Define and develop a matrix of tests to be performed on specimens and sub-components.
  • Develop specimens and sub-components.
  • Define the load application sequence of the tests.
  • Perform static and fatigue tests on specimens and subcomponents.
  • Characterise the tested specimens.
  • Collaborate in the validation of the method developed by correlating the theoretical estimates with the test results.
  • Define the acceptance criteria and conditions. Define the most effective repairs for critical defects.

* LUPDEFECT – Project funded by the Government of Navarra. CENER has received 50% co-financed aid from the European Development Fund Regional Program through the ERDF Operational Program 2014-2020 of Navarra.

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