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BASSF (Blade Analysis Stress Strain Failure) v8.x is a 2D analytical tool for the preliminary design of blades that enables iterative process – quick analysis. It’s been developed by CENER in the framework of research projects and it’s been revised and improved during last year in order to release a compiled executable reliable and documented.

BASSF intends to be used as a very preliminary blade design tool, which makes easier and faster different blade configuration evaluation: aerodynamic designs, materials, structural configuration: 1-2 caps, 1- 2-3 webs, ? cap widths, etc. and lay-ups. Once selected a preliminary design complying the requirements, this design would be introduced in a detailed blade design tool including FE models.


form01Aerodynamic design: airfoils data, chord, twist, etc.

form01Material elastic properties & allowable (strain & stress limits)

form01Extreme loads

form01Lay-up & and blade internal architecture (webs, reinforcements, etc.)


form01Sectional mechanical properties:

Mass/unit length

Position of the mass centre

Stiffness; flapwise, edgewise & torsional

Position of elastic centre

form01Strain tensor at every point of the airfoil

form01Strength ratio according to Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu, MaxStrain & Puck

form01Blade FE model based on beam elements (NASTRAN-Format)

form04 Its needed to first install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), version 2012a for 32 bits, free downloadable from following link:


Download BASSF v8.x

form04 To ask any question related to, please contact:

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