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  • DURATION: January 2019 to march 2022


  • GENERAL OBJETIVE: The project OptimumPV aims to develop an innovative and multifunctional coating to increase the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and to reduce their operation and maintenance costs based on three different approaches: self-cleaning, reflection of infrared radiation (IR), which increases the temperature of the module, thus reducing its performance, and luminescence, to convert ultraviolet light, which is not absorbed by the solar cell, into visible light, which is absorbed to produce electricity.


  • CENER ACTIVITY : In this project, CENER provides its experience and knowledge on the application of new materials in photovoltaic modules, their manufacture, operating conditions and durability needs. CENER will make use of its processing techniques to develop coatings with these functionalities, and will apply different techniques to characterise the performance and durability of both the materials and the complete device. In this way, the objective of this project will contribute to reducing the cost and increasing the performance of electricity production in photovoltaic solar installations, favouring the transition towards a sustainable energy model, with a greater presence of renewable energies in the energy mix, which will minimise the consumption of fossil fuels.


  • PARTNERS: Lurederra y CENER


  • FUNDING: 2019: Total: 111.299,80 € CENER: 51.787,50 €y 2020-2022: Total: 334.977,25 CENER: 168.806,25

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