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BEST – Breakthrough in advanced materials of the development of solar thermal energy and thermal energy storage systems

January 2020 – november de 2022


The main objective of this project is the development of advanced materials with high added value, as coatings, to deploy the potential of concentrating solar power and low-cost mass energy storage (thermal storage) as key elements in the energy transition to a more sustainable system.

CENER, Lurederra and UPNA are developing two innovative coatings: one to be applied to the receiver, increasing its absorptivity in the solar spectrum, and another to be applied to the inside of storage tanks, protecting the tank material from corrosion caused by molten salts at high temperature.


  • Coordination of consortium members and technical supervision of the project.
  • Activity 1: State of the art, identification of technological niches with high added value.
  • Activity 2: Technical and functional specifications.
  • Activity 3: Development and characterization of different candidate materials .
  • Activity 4: Definition of the test plan and development of the most suitable candidates and their “ad hoc” application methodology.
  • Activity 5: Calculation of the technological impact of the R&D developed based on the results obtained and its value in the current and future market.
  • Activity 6: Dissemination and exploitation of results and impact.

Actividad 6: Diseminación y explotación de resultados e impacto.


Total: 533.048,31€
CENER: 264.912,05€


Collaborative R&D projects. Call 2020. Technology centers and research organizations

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