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MASS STORAGE – Development of low-cost Massive Thermal Energy Storage systems for Power-to-heat-Power and CSP for Power-to-heat-Power and CSP applications in the Navarra region

January 2020 – november 2022


The main objective of this R&D project is the alignment of Navarra’s research centers around a research area of maximum current and future importance (for industry and society), which is Massive Energy Storage (MES), necessary at grid scale to integrate renewable energies on a large scale over the next few years and until 2050.

This project will focus primarily on reversible MES for the power grid and based on thermal storage systems (Power-to-heat-to-Power). Different lines will be investigated in combination with reversible thermal machines (heat pump / power cycle) and conventional power cycle type thermal machines.


  • Project coordination, both technical and administrative.
  • Main technical activities
    • System level modeling and numerical simulation of energy storage concepts.
    • Technical-economic optimization of the best solutions for energy storage systems.
    • Experimental study (in CENER facilities) of different technologies and materials for thermal energy storage, as well as dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications.


Total: 709,511,11€
CENER: 399.659,73€


Collaborative R&D projects. Call 2020. Technology centers and research organizations

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