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PBAFER, Development of food ingredients through circular biotechnological strategies to improve the nutritional and sensory properties of alternative plant-based food products

  • 2022-2024


  • To obtain food ingredients to improve the nutritional and sensory properties of plant-based products, in order to make a different vs current market products.
  • The types of ingredients under study are:
    • Ingredients sensory level improvement (optimization of flavor, aroma and texture): aromatic compounds and exopolysaccharides
    • Ingredients for nutritional improvement: enrichment with cobalamins or vitamin B12 and healthy omega 3 fats.


  • Preparation of a matrix of agri-food by-products, as raw material for food ingredients.
  • To obtain fermentable bases at pilot scale, from the selected by-products.
  • Fermentation trials in a 100L bioreactor for the production of ingredients.
  • Product recovery tests
  • Techno-economic assessment of the process
  • Environmental assessment of the process


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