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SYNTHBIOMICS, Disruptive innovations in Synthetic Biology to promote Health, Food, Sustainable Energy and Industrial Decarbonization



  • The SYNTHBIOMICS project seeks to make visible the potential of Synthetic Biology in key areas for the economic development of Navarra.
  • SYNTHBIOMICS proposes the development and implementation of a biotechnology strategy with three main action pillars:
    • Design and synthesis of a synthetic library of nanobodies
    • Generation of biosensors for contaminants detection in food
    • Fixation of C1 compounds for the production of chemical intermediates that can be converted into advanced fuels and other bioproducts


  • Development of genetically modified microorganisms more efficient for chemical platforms synthesis (building blocks), which by means of sustainable and efficient processes allow the production of:
    • Advanced (bio)fuels
    • Other (bio)based products from gaseous streams

Fundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada (FIMA), Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA), Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER), Navarra de Servicios y Tecnologías (NASERTIC), Centro Stirling, TAIREL DATA, SL y NUCAPS.




This company/organisation has received aid financed by the Government of Navarre

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