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Photovoltaic generation solution for use as an alternative construction material in buildings

The investigation in this project is focused in the employment of new materials to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules with similar characteristics to those of conventional ones. These new materials will replace the solar glass or aluminum by other lighter and more adaptable to different surfaces to facilitate their use in any type of building. These new designs of modules will be used in windows, pergolas and replacing other types of glazing.

The general objectives of AiSoVol project are:

  • Manufacturing a “plug & play” photovoltaic solar module suitable for use as architectural element of easy integration.
  • Providing architectural resources “made upon request” as required in specific projects to solve integration needs demanded by the sector.

Developed prototypes will be integrated into automated manufacturing line, thus reducing process costs, which currently represent a handicap for their production. This new module designs will be developed using low temperature lamination techniques and technology inspired in materials used in sail manufacturing for navigation. This solution will provide lighter, unconventional geometries and with different degrees of structural flexibility photovoltaic modules.

This project involves as partners CENER, Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables, and ITER, Instituto Tecnológico de Energías Renovables .

CENER main contribution will be on the evaluation and testing of the different designs of photovoltaic modules manufactured, also providing guidelines on the use of materials, design optimization and characterization of the end product. So, CENER will lead the work package based on tests and validation of the PV prototypes and will participate significantly in other work packages, specifically those relating to design and results dissemination.

The AiSoVol project is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, and cofunded by the European Union, having been selected from R & D + i State Program oriented to societal challenges. It is part of the RETO 3: «energía segura, eficiente y limpia» . The granted budget amounts to 849,495.70 €


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