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CENER participates at the INNPACTO-OpenFOAM project: Development and validation of wind flow and wake flow models based in the open source CFD solver OpenFOAM.

The main objective of the project consists of developing and offering to the wind energy sector a CFD wind flow and wind farm model. The project will allow the development of the model and its validation through experimental field measuring campaigns and standardized such that all the potential users in the sector can assess any result in the same way and for the same code.

The project will allow incorporate into the code, apart from the ‘first generation’ RANS turbulence models, an open source grid generator for complex terrain, new approaches based on the ‘second generation’ LES turbulence modeling and layout optimization algorithms based on the CFD modeling instead of the classical analytical approach. In the same way, the scalability of the code will be analyzed making use of the Mare Nostrum super computer and assessing thus the reliability of OpenFOAM for conventional computational resources to be used by potential users. The scalability (ability of a code to efficiently calculate in an increasing number of nodes) of OpenFOAM will be compared with ALYA, designed specifically at BSC-CNS for high performance parallel computing. For that purpose, the same wind flow and wake flow model will also be implemented in ALYA.

The members of the project are CENER and BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre) as research partners, together with Iberdrola Renovables as industrial partner, with a budget of 783,773 €.


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