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CENER takes part in the project INNPACTO-WETSITE: Site assessment, enviromental conditions, MetOceanic resource and its influence on the turbine and its components

The main aim of WETSITE project is to develope methodologies, tools and guidelines for the offshore wind use in deep waters in accordance with the available resource in Spanish waters. These items will also be useful for those operational frames where the current technology cannot give an answer tho the challenges of offshore electrical generation. This Project is located within “actuación especial Energía” proposed in the INNPACTO call, for the obtained results will contribute to guarantee the electrical supply , thanks to the development of cost competitive offshore wind technology in deep waters. Moreover, its contents are within the frame of the Strategical Energy Technologies Plan (SET Plan) and part of the steps towards the promotion of wind generation activities. The Project binds a multidisciplinary consortium led by Acciona Energía, S.A. where other Spanish companies as well as experienced research centres also take part: Acciona Windpower, S.A., Tecnoambiente, S.L., TECNALIA Research and Innovation Foundation, AZTI Foundation and CENER itself integrate the field. Project fundable budget amounts to 2,450,195.70€


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