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The Project “SIGMAPLANTAS: “The innovation on plants and CPV model systems in Spain”, was born as a normal continuation of the PSE (Proyectco Singular Estratégico) “SIGMASOLES, the innovation on CPV in Spain” started 3 years ago.

The main objective of the Project is the development of the optimum methodology for the activities of installation and study of energetic production capacity of CPV plants. For that, and through R & D and innovation activities, studies of interconnection, plant management and proposals for production models for high CPV systems will be done. The transfer of the technology developed will allow achieving the final goal of install plants more reliable, of lower cost, more operative and making the market feel confident about them.

Specific goals:

The specific goals to be achieved in this Project are:

  • To keep the leadership position of Spain on CPV plants installation.
  • To investigate in the best practices for the connection of CPV plants to the grid through the improvement of inverters, the study of quality of connection and the optimization of the plant design.
  • To study not grid connected systems as hybrid systems with energy storage.
  • To validate the CPV systems developed inside the frame of the SIGMASOLES project, and in the recently approved SIGMAMÓDULOS and SIGMATRACKERS in order to verify the products in the field.
  • To study the management of CPV plants in order to improve productivity through advanced Maintenance and Operation methods. 6) To develop models to allow prediction of CPV plants energetic production in any place around the world.

The long term goal of the project is the improvement of the technology for CPV plants exploitation in order to achieve a better commercialization of them.


CENER participates in next subprojects:

  • Subproyect 1: Study of CPV plants grid connection leaded by Ingeteam Energy.
  • Subproyect 2: Study of CPV plant test prototype leaded by ISFOC.
  • Subproyect 3: CPV plant management leaded by ISFOC.

To remark the work of CENER leading in the Subproject 1, the sub-task 1.3 (Grid connection Quality) about “Testing for PO.12.3.

The Project has been financed by the Spanish Ministery of Economy and Competitiveness inside of the INNPACTO call 2011-2014, with a budget of 5.273.814 €.


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