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CENER participates in the project: “Development of pioneering methods of testing wind towers and segmented blades” (Ref.: RTC-2016-4633-3).

The objective of the NEVA project is to develop pioneering methods for the testing of modular joints for segmented blades and new types of wind turbine towers.

The project is divided into two technological lines that will serve for the development of:

A. testing method for joint systems, which will allow the reduction of time, cost and risk during the validation and certification of segmented blades of wind turbines and,

B. a testing method for new types of wind turbine towers, which will serve to evaluate and optimize new tower concepts using accelerated testing before its introduction in the wind market sector. The accelerated test will serve to identify potential hot-spots and to demonstrate the durability of new towers.

Both testing methods are positioned as intermediate level testing and will support the certification of segmented blades and the type certification of wind turbines, respectively.

The project will be developed under a partnership between NABRAWIND TECHNOLOGIES and CENER.

The project has been granted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, according to article 31 of the resolution granted on 30 of December 2015 by the Secretaria de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación, oriented to the Societal Challenges, between the 2013-2016 framework for Research and Innovation and cofunded by the European Union.

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