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The Photovoltaic Cells group of the CENER Photovoltaic Solar Energy Department participates in several national and European research projects:

  • SILFCEL: through the Profit programme, 2003 call together with Isofotón and TIM (Institute of Microelectronic Technology) of the UPV (Basque Public University)
  • BITHINK: financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the DGTREN (2004-2007), together with another 7 companies and laboratories, HCT, NPC-Europe, Ferro, Isofotón, Fraunhofer-ISE, Univ. Florida, IES (Institute of Solar Energy of the UPM), TIM (Institute of Microelectronic Technology of the UPV)
  • MICROSIL08: approved within the outline of Singular and Strategic Projects (2007-1010), this project, headed by Ecotecnica and with the participation of companies such as Isofotón, Vidur, Mondragón Assembly, Koniker, and research centres such as Ciemat, the UPM Laser Centre, Univ. Barcelona, Polytechnic U. of Catalonia, Basque Country U. aims to develop knowledge in Heterounion technologies (Sanyo HIT style) and of amorphous silicon thin-film modules.
    Projects: PSS-120000-2008-003 / PSS-120000-2008-004 / PSS-120000-2008-005.
    Grant: 169.703 euros.
  • The DEPHOTEX project is financed by the European Commission within the 7th Frame work program of DGTREN (2009 – 2011). The objective of DEPHOTEX is to research and develop photovoltaic (PV) cells in order to get flexible photovoltaics. The main technological innovation expected is the development of a wearable and flexible energy source directly on the textile products. The consortium working on DEPHOTEX is formed by 15 members, industries, laboratories and research centres from all around Europe.


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