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New concepts for BIPV (PV modules, systems design…).

Development of strategy and testing schemes for emerging technologies (CPV, OPV,…).

Support to the development of new prototypes from the analysis of materials and products durability condition

The Photovoltaic Systems group of CENER’s Department of Photovoltaic Solar Energy participates in several national and European research projects:

  • Invermulti: Financed by the Profit programme, 2003 and 2004 calls, together with CIEMAT and EHN
  • Concetracel: Financed by the Profit programme, 2004 call, together with Isofoton and the Institute of Solar Energy of ETSIT of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
  • INVERFOTO: Financed by the Profit programme within the 2005-2006 call, together with Ciemat and Ingeteam
  • SOLAR-PLOTS: financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the DGTREN (2004-2006), a project headed by Aesol (Acciona Solar) and with Total Energy, Elektro Primorska, JoaoNuno, CEA-GENEC and CEIMAT among its members.
  • MEDIODÍA: a project within the CENIT call (2006-2008), headed by Repsol, which proposes the use of photovoltaic modules to supply the energy for greenhouses and more specifically, which studies the possibilities of using plastic materials for PV transformation.
  • PV-Catapult: European Project of the 5th framework programme where the main result proposed was to obtain the intercomparison of the measurement results of photovoltaic modules of different technologies in different laboratories. CENER was not within the project consortium but was invited to participate with its results.


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