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We work with promoters, manufacturers and other agents for wind resource and energy assessment and forecast along the value chain, from project development to wind farm production optimization. We have experience in onshore and offshore wind farms and in the integration of wind with other renewable energy sources, such as, solar, waves or currents.

We carry out research and innovation projects to support our business partners on any technical challenge and deliver ad-hoc training courses to the particular business needs of our partners.

At every step, we apply state of the art technologies and develop tools and methodologies for the challenges ahead to make the best out of wind technology.


Assessment of Wind and Energy

These studies are required by wind farm developers and include all the necessary aspects to find most suitable location and estimate its energy potential:

CENER complements commercial technologies with its own developments: CFD wind modelling or specific methodologies to complex terrain or wake interaction in onshore and offshore.


Trainings are required by wind farm developers to improve their internal capabilities for wind resource and energy assessment and forecast. Trainings are adapted to customer requirements: personnel technical level, internal processes and tools, and business needs. Both theory and practical lessons are mixed along flexible time schedules, from intensive face to face courses to remote hourly lessons. During the training, theory material will be given and specific software will be use to solve real cases.

CENER was among the first to obtain the WAsP certification and delivers WAsP training in Spanish language in 26 Latin American countries.


Cyclones assessment

The effects of cyclones over the last years has increased, resulting in flooding and extremely heavy rains. CENER assesses the trajectory and impact radius of extreme wind in wind farms, implementing a cyclone methodology based on more than 100 years data.


Forecast of Wind and Energy

Resource forecast is required by wind farm operators to make the most effective energy management in the short term. CENER has provided for more than 10 years, real time short and long term prediction models, to a large number of wind farms in the Spanish market.

CENER continue its R&D developments to improve market oriented wind farm operation through better forecast and the integration with CENER wind farm control unit.


Project Audits

Project Audits are required by wind farm developers and financial institutions to evaluate the technical risks of wind energy projects. CENER’s multidisciplinary team carries out an integral technical review of the wind farm, which include assessment of: energy production, wind turbine site suitability, verification of the electric design, earth-tapping, foundations, accesses, communications system, etc.

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