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The UPWIND project is one of the reference projects of the VI Framework Programme of the European Union. It looked towards the design of large wind turbines for use in onshore and offshore conditions. The project is organised into crosscutting work packages that interact with each other to achieve an integrated machine development.


Its main objective is to develop advanced calculation tools as well as new machine – components – concepts, that are necessary for industry to be able to design and manufacture new large wind turbines (10-20 MW), both Onshore and Offshore. Another proposal is to study the influence of external factors on the machine that directly affect its design; cost models, farm configuration, grid integration technologies, control strategies, measurement systems, etc.

The participation of CENER-ADA has consisted in:

  • 1. Aeroelastic and aeroacoustic studies of aerofoils for large machines.
  • 2. Developments of tools to study adhesive lines under advanced methods based on fracture mechanics. Validation with tests.
  • 3. Participation in the development of IPC (Individual Pitch Control) control systems.



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