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It is developed under the call Collaboration Challenges 2017 of the National Program for the research, development and innovation focused on the society challenges.

The MINPRE project is framed in the challenge of Action for Safe, Efficient and Clean Energy.

The general goal of the project is to develop a technologic solution, called Smart Engine of Wind Energy Forecasters, to predict and achieve the higher adjustment of the meteorological forecasts as an algorithmic combination of all available prediction models. So, its aim is the estimation of the energy production in the wind farms with the lower deviation that is possible. Therefore, the goal is to optimize the decision-making to fit the economic offer made in the Electricity Market. In this way the performance of the facilities will be improved and the penalties due to the deviations will be reduced.


The main five research lines to achieve this technological challenge are the follow:

  1. Engine to predictors comparison.
  2. Generation of virtual predictors as forecasters combination.
  3. Weighting of the feedback of the different variables
  4. Incorporation in the prediction algorithms of the digital terrain models and surface.
  5. Incorporation of grouping options of wind farms production in the prediction engine

Several companies and Technological Centres participate in the project. They form a consortium with complementary capabilities that encourage the development of the technological challenges.  The partners of the consortium are: UNATEC  ITC  S.L., the Salamanca University (USAL) and CENER.

The MINPRE project has been financed by the Ministry of Science and innovation. Its budget amounts to € 509,178.75.

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