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MUST is an in-house development based on OpenFAST [1]. It is designed to allow the simulation of more than one wind turbine (Tower, Rotor, Nacelle) installed on a floating platform, following the work by [2].

MUST has been coupled to a CENER in-house aerodynamic module, AeroVIEW [3], [4] (Aerodynamic Vortex fIlamEnt Wake), that is able to capture the aerodynamic interaction between nearby rotors in aeroelastic simulations and also the interaction between the rotor with its own wake.

[1] NREL, 2019. “OpenFAST Documentation”.
[2] Bae, Y., 2013. “Coupled dynamic analysis of multiple unit floating offshore wind turbine”. PhD. Dissertation, 53 (May). 
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[4] Martín-San-Román R, Benito-Cia P, Azcona-Armendáriz J and Cuerva-Tejero A.“Validation of a free vortex filament wake module for the integrated simulation of multi-rotor wind turbines”. Renewable Energy,179, pp. 1706–1718, 2021.

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