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European Offshore Wind (EOW) 2007
Presentation: “Offshore wind energy in Spain”. (Berlin, Germany, 5 December 2007).

Member of the EOW 2007 Programme Committee
(Berlin, Germany, 4-6 December 2007).

Workshop “Offshore Wind Power – Experiences, Potentials and Key Issues for Deployment”
Participation as international expert (Berlin, 3 December 2007).

Conference: Offshore Wind Farms, organised by the Recoletos Group.
Conference Chairperson. (Madrid, 22 November 2007).

III AEE Conference. “Wind Industry: New Horizons, New Challenges”
Presentation: “Most probable causes of breakage of wind turbines”. (Madrid, 15 November 2007).

Wavergy Technical Days, organised by ITER
Presentation: “Offshore Wind Generation in Europe”. (Granadilla, Tenerife, 18 and 19 October 2007).

3rd EAWE PhD Seminar on Wind Energy in Europe
Poster and article: “A new Model for Wind Turbine Forecasting” (Pamplona, 10 and 11 October 2007)

Bras Wind Congress 2007
Presentation: “Research and Technological Development of Spanish Wind Energy”. (Porto Alegre, Brazil, 9 October 2007).

II REOLTEC Meeting: Wind Energy and the National R&D&I Plan
Presentation: “Challenges of Wind R&D” (Madrid, 25 September 2007).

MATCOMP 07, Minutes of the VII National Congress on Compound Materials
Paper: “Integration of numerical and experimental techniques for the design of resin infusion moulds” (Valladolid, 19-21 September 2007).

IOP Publishing, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 75/ The Science of Making Torque from Wind
(Lyngby, Denmark, 28-31 August 2007) 3 presentations were made:

1) Investigation of computational aeroacoustic tools for noise predictions of wind turbine aerofoils” (paper and article).

2) Wind Turbine Blade Tip Comparison using CFD” (Article)

3) “Unsteady Modelling of the Oscillating S809 Airfoil and NREL Phase VI Parked Blade Using the Beddoes-Leishman Dynamic Stall Model” (paper and article)

UPWIND Work Package 2 Meeting
Paper: “Progress of aeroacoustic Activities at CENER” (Roskilde, Denmark, 27 August 2007).

IEA Annex XX Annual Meeting. Paper and article:
“Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Stal on the NREL Phase VI Park Blade” (Roskilde, Denmark, 14-15 June 2007)

European Wind Energy Conference (EWEC 2007)
(Milan, Italy, May 2007). Presentation of 4 papers:

1) “Future for offshore wind energy in Spain”.

2) “Fracture mechanics and new techniques and criteria for the design of structural components for wind energy”.

3) “Sensitivity Analysis on turbulence models for the ABL in complex terrain”.

4) “A methodology for estimating wind farm production through CFD codes: description and validation”.

And a poster: “Night Wind”.

Global Wind Power 2007
Paper and article: “Comparison of Methods for Power Curve Modelling” (Chicago, USA, 28-31 March 2007).

Steering Committee meeting of the 2007 European Offshore Wind Conference
(Berlin, Germany, 21 February 2007).

45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting
Paper and article: “Three-Dimensional and Rotational Aerodynamics on the NREL Phase VI Wind Turbine Blade”. (Reno, Nevada-USA, 8-11 January 2007).


22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and exhibition
Participation with the paper “Low Cost Using Ultra-Thin Bifacial Cells”. (Milan, Italy, September 2007).

Renewable Energy Workshops organised by the Spanish Energy Club
Paper on “Research and Technological Developments of Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic Solar Energy”. (Madrid, 19 June 2007).

2006 – 2007 Postgraduate Course on Sustainable Construction organised by San Sebastian City Council, Cristinaenea, UPV and the Basque Government
Paper entitled “Photovoltaic Solar Energy for architectonic integration” (San Sebastian, 22 February 2007).


Week of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, organised by ARGEM
Paper “Approval of solar collectors and quality guarantee” (Murcia, 2007).

Masters in Renewable Energies and Energy Market, organised by the EOI Foundation (Business School)
Paper “Approval of solar collectors and quality guarantee “(Madrid, 2007).


Conference “Protected natural spaces as a sustainable development factor”
Presentation of the paper: “Energy use of forest waste”. (Soba, Cantabria, 15 November 2007).

Ethanol Production Workshop
(Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5 November 2007).

Strategic Bioenergy Plan of Castile and Leon
Participation as expert in the Coordinator Group. (Periodical meetings in 2007).

AEN-CNT-164 “Solid Biofuels”
Participation as expert (Madrid, 29 October 2007).

Participation with a stand at the Fair and meetings organised by the Swedish Embassy (Valladolid, 25-27 October 2007)

Congress “Biofuels: invest and develop a new business line”, organised by IQPC
Presentación de la ponencia: “Biocarburantes de 2ª generación” (Madrid, 9-11 de octubre de 2007).

Technical Days on Wheat Quality in Spain
Participation in the round table: “Impact of the use of cereals in biofuels (Pamplona, 4 and 5 October 2007).

Conference on Sustainable Energy, organised by the Entrepreneurs’ Association of Vigo
Paper: “Biomass Applications: Current Situation and future perspectives” (Vigo, 29 May 2007).

2nd Conference on IGCC and XtL Technologies
(Freiburg, Germany, 15-17 May 2007).

Technological Meeting organised by the CIEMAT BIOMASS Department
(Madrid, 26 April 2007).

29th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals
Presentation of a poster on “On the way to biorefinery concept: double revaluation of agrofood wastes for high added values compounds extraction and bioethanol production”. Proceeding awaiting publication in the “Journal of Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology”. (Denver, USA, 29 April-2 May 2007).

15th European Biomass Conference. Presentation of 3 posters on the Bio-South and Best Result projects
(“Best Result: Building and Energy Systems and Technologies in RE Sources Update and Linked Training”) and on (“On the way to biorefinery concept: double revaluation of agrofood wastes for high added values compounds extraction and bioethanol production”. (Berlin, Germany, 7-12 May 2007).

Energy Forum. Biofuel Seminar, organised by Montané Comunicación
Presentation of the paper: “The biofuel sector: situation and perspectives”. (Madrid, 31 May 2007).

AEN/CTN-51 “Oil Products” SC 3 Fuels
Participation as expert (Madrid, 15 March 2007).

European Pellets Conference
Presentation of the paper: “Bio-South: Techno-economical assessment of the production and use of biofuels for heating and cooling applications in South Europe”. (Welsz, Austria, February 2007).

Masters in Renewable Energies and Energy Market, organised by the EOI Foundation (Business School)
Delivery of the Biodiesel module (Madrid, 5 March 2007).

Postgraduate Course on Sustainable Construction – UPV
Paper: “Use of biomass in building” (San Sebastian, 1 March 2007).

Round Table on Biofuels, organised by the Environmental Resource Centre of Navarra (CRANA)
Paper: “Sustainability of biofuels” (Pamplona, 20 February 2007).

EMCG 2007: Municipality and Global Warming Meeting
Paper: “Biomass in domestic heating applications” (Madrid, 7 and 8 February 2007).


VI Meeting on Architecture, Town Planning and Tropical Landscaping
International reference meeting on architecture in tropical climates. The conference “Architecture and Energy. Reflections and Projects” was given. (San José – Costa Rica, November 2007).

International Sustainable Construction Congress – CICS
Published article: “Rehabilitation strategy with energy saving criteria for social housing in Europe” (Seville, November 2007).

Passive and Low Energy Cooling Conference – PALENC 2007
International Congress, European reference forum on passive cooling topics and bioclimatic solutions in warm climates. Two articles and two papers were presented: 1- “Cooling of outdoor spaces by means of evaporative-cooling ceramic-pillars” and 2- “Solar chimney: modelling and verification” (Crete – Greece, September 2007).


World Hydrogen Technologies Convention 2007
Two papers in the second international congress:

1) Modelling of electrochemical devices for RES-H2 integration

2) Computer application development for fuel cells based residential systems

(Montecatini Terme, Italy, November 2007).

Third Sectorial Meeting of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Paper: “Activities of the Renewable Energíes Grid Integration Department” (Santiago de Compostela, November 2007).

II Wind Day: The future of wind energy in Castile and Leon
Paper: “Energy storage” (Zamora, October 2007).

Masters coordinated by the Renewable Energy CSIC /Module II, Subject 9: Integral Energy Management
Paper: “Energy storage” (Madrid, March 2007).

Postgraduate Course on Sustainable Construction of the Housing Department of the Basque Government, Cristina-enea and UPV-EHU
Paper: “Hydrogen cells in building”(San Sebastian, January 2007).


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